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Full Length Performances

(30 minutes - 1 hour)

The Christmas Chest

Music, family, decorations: as one family celebrates the holidays together, the mysterious contents of an old chest transport them back to the first century and the miracle of God's coming to earth.

His Faithfulness

God's Faithfulness is forever: past, present, and future. This piece celebrates His faithfulness in the past and looks with joy to His faithfulness in the future. His Faithfulness is a perfect anniversary performance.


“Lord, have mercy; Christ have mercy”: the Kyrie Eleison, an ancient prayer long sung by believers in Christ, expresses the heart of humanity’s need—and forms the refrain for Soli Deo Gloria Ballet’s newest ballet, Kyrie.

Glorious Day

Glorious Day is a 30-minute production taking audiences through Easter week in dance, music, and narration.

Behold the Child

Behold the Child crosses the centuries through dance, contemporary and traditional music, and original narration. It begins with the biblical story of Christ’s childhood escape to Egypt and proceeds into a 21st-century celebration of Christmas, exalting Christ as our hope and encouraging audiences to "Behold the Child!" as never before.


Father is a celebratory meditation in dance, bringing the themes of the Lord's Prayer to life. Readings from the book Heart to Heart: Meeting With God in the Lord's Prayer alternate with contemporary songs exploring each line of the prayer. This is a powerful look at the heart of Christianity.


This piece presents the story of Christ's incarnation and arrival, using the haunting, joyful sounds of classic Christmas songs including "O Come Emmanuel" and the Latin "Gaudete."

Short Performances - see Poetry in Motion