Hello from the Philippines!

Hello friends! As I write this post, it is nearly three in the morning … your time, that is. (Unless you’re one of our few readers who doesn’t function on Eastern time.) We’re exactly twelve hours ahead of you in the province of Luguna, not far from Manila, in the Philippines. We’re sharing an apartment with several lizards and learning to deal with rather extreme heat. We have a beautiful view of a sleeping volcano from the balcony, a palm tree laden with mangos not far from our roof, and rice fields all around.

We’re staying at the Institute for Foundational Learning, more commonly called IFL, a difficult-to-describe ministry that is a school, a church, a missions base, an aid center, and a home for children in need. We’re spending every day mostly with the children, teaching dance for three hours, plus doing devotions, and spending a lot of time just building relationship with them. They LOVE the dance classes and are great students.

We’ll be teaching for two more days, then performing on Sunday (we think–our schedule is subject to alteration), then teaching for another week. We’re having a wonderful time and are grateful for your prayers.